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Brüsszel, 2018.június 1-2.


Dear president,

In view of the changing environment in which the legal profession finds itself (e.g. legaltechs), the Brussels Bar (Dutch and French sections), is organizing the First European Lawyers Congress towards unified professional rules Click here for more details. We prepared the congress with steering committees.

The views of those steering committees, will be discussed with all local and national European bars in a plenary session during this congress held in Brussels on 1 June 2018.

As president of a local of national European bar you are kindly invited to assist this plenary session held on 1 June 2018 in Docks Dome Brussels. This plenary session starts at 5 pm and will be followed by a closing ceremony in presence of the two presidents of the Brussels Bar and a European key note speaker.

Afterwards you will be attended at a walking diner and after party given by the Brussels bar. Click here to see all details.



On 2 June 2018, a cultural and leisure program will give you the opportunity to discover some of the most enjoyable parts of the capital of Europe (in collaboration with the Region of Brussels-Capital and the City of Brussels). Click here to see the full program.

We hope to meet you in Brussels.

Yours sincerely,

Patrick A. Dillen

Stafhouder • Bâtonnier
Chairman • Decano

Pierre Sculier

Bâtonnier • Stafhouder
Chairman • Decano

European Lawyers Congress

Poelaert plein 1 Place Poelaert, Brussels, 1000

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